What’s Different?

We do things differently here. We are happy to explain how that can lead to multiple benefits for you.

The Culture Strength Difference

  • Our combination of expertise
  • Our view of the goal
  • The spectrum of areas where we can provide help

Our Unique Combination of Expertise – 3 Levels Combined for the Necessary Impact

  1. Subject Matter Expertise – We view this as only the first level of expertise. When applied properly, it helps avoid costly errors and identifies high-leverage areas of focus.
  2. Applied Social Sciences for Behavior Insights & Behavior-Change Methodology – Our Behavioral Ethics approach to preventing harmful behavior and increasing positive behaviors equips you with much greater leverage to align employee behavior with your goals.
  3. Training & Development Experts – To optimize impact and sustainability, education and training should be liked. Your people should feel it’s relevant, helpful, and useful.

It is common for traditional prevention education on sexual harassment and misconduct and other serious issues to be viewed as lacking because without all three levels of expertise it would be extremely difficult to design training that is optimized to be both impactful and well-received.

We help other experts optimize their approach and messaging.

A lot of people are good facilitators or are great at launching campaigns. And internal professionals are experts on their own policies.

To make a leap in their ability to influence behavior and prevent more harm, it often takes an optimized approach to language and messaging in their content.

That’s why we help other prevention educators, internal leadership, and experts in adjacent areas increase their effectiveness.

We help you optimize messaging and training for critical areas such as –

  • Engaging Men as Well as Women – When men are approached effectively, most are quite willing to be highly engaged.
  • The Alcohol Factor – Feeding the confusion on this complex issue is a missed opportunity and a costly error.
  • Reaching Skeptics & Cynics – It is not a success to only engage a small percentage of those we need to reach.
  • The Smartphone Factor – By being experts on your hidden risks of the underlying blind spots, rationalizations, and other human tendencies, we are positioned to help you address this new level of complexity in preventing harm and other problems caused by smartphones.

Our View – The Whole Goal Approach

Traditional education and training on sexual harassment and other serious issues defaults to the “not illegal” focus in the minds of many employees.

We don’t believe your standards and wishes for employee behavior is that it’s “not illegal.”

Our approach aligns with your true goals of a positive impact on your people, productivity, and profits.

We view prevention as an opportunity to also develop your culture.

We’re not just trying to prevent felonies or mitigate liability. It doesn’t take illegal behavior for talented employees to start looking online for another opportunity.

We believe our clients don’t just want to prevent illegal or unethical behavior, but also inappropriate and ineffective behaviors. But the goal is not that low either—the goal is to equip employees for great working relationships and social interactions that improve retention, your employer brand, and the work experience for people at every level.

We Help Clients in Three Critical Areas for Their Success

Proactive Prevention

Response is costly. Even an optimal response to a person being mistreated or harmed in any way often occurs after that person, and perhaps your organization, has experienced serious and lasting effects.

Addressing a Spectrum of Behaviors

Many of the costliest behaviors might not meet the level of illegal, inappropriate, or even policy-violating. It doesn’t take violent, violating, or sexually inappropriate comments to make a talented employee want to look elsewhere for work, or to disengage and be much less productive.

Development of People & Culture While Preventing Harm

 There is an art to addressing serious and heavy issues with positive goals and behaviors. Our unique approach combines positive development of people with preventing negative, harmful, and unethical behaviors.

Our combined approach works remarkably well, resulting in us accomplishing more for you while providing training on serious issues that your employees actually like.

You get to meet compliance requirements while also accomplishing additional goals that align with leadership training and talent development.

Course-Correction – Educational Sanctions & Having a Strategic Response to Poor Behavior

Discipline or other responses by management that are not optimized to improve behavior can be costly in terms of workplace environment, turnover, and in the multiple costs of repeat behavior.

Put the science of influencing behavior on your side in your approach to behavior issues in your workplace.

Contact us to discuss your goals and our processes and availability: info@preventionculture.com