Workplace Culture

Organizational Culture Development & Workplace Harassment Prevention

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training that employees actually like.

Options exist for organizations of companies of any size, ranging from one-time trainings to multi-year consulting engagements.

On-Site Training – Tailored for Your Organization and for Each Session

Delivered by founder and professional speaker Aaron Boe, or by another certified Culture Strength trainer.

  • Executives and Upper Leadership Level
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Trainers
  • Management and Leadership Training
  • HR Professionals
  • New Employees – Management and Leadership Level
  • Entry-Level
  • Franchisees

The Culture Strength Difference

Subject Matter Experts x Behavioral Ethics x Training & Development Experts

Our method of designing education and training combines subject matter expertise on the spectrum of sexual misconduct with a behavioral ethics approach to optimize influence on behavior.

We then consider your industry and the roles and responsibilities of attendees to further tailor the approach.

Finally, we add our training and development expertise to make sure training is both impactful and engaging for all.

It’s kind of like a Tesla. Beneath the surface, it’s extremely sophisticated and applies multiple cutting-edge approaches. But on the surface, it’s cool, and the experience of those using it is positive.

The Point: We provide training on sexual harassment prevention that your employees will actually like.

More importantly, we provide training that is more effective in influencing behavior and building a culture that generates standards of ethical and effective interpersonal interactions.

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Train-the-Trainer + Expert Content

We equip your staff with our expert content, then train them to deliver it effectively.

This approach allows us to tailor training for your organization and industry, then build your capacity to deliver it effectively. This elevates your organization in multiple ways and equips you with lasting culture-forming tools.

Our sexual harassment prevention training is unlike any other, and it’s grounded in science and proven to engage even skeptics and those who are commonly resistant to traditional approaches to this issue.

Consulting to Evolve Your Systems

Consulting projects and longer-term engagements to build your capacity and elevate your systems in sustainable ways.

This method is like the Six Sigma approach but for Ethics and Culture. We work with you as long as it’s needed to build your capacity and optimize your systems. Then you keep our tools and stronger systems that we tailored for your organization and we go off to impact other organizations.

High-Leverage Areas for Impact on Ethics & Culture:

Onboarding & New Employee Training: First, we listen and learn about your existing approach. Then we will review, analyze, make recommendations, and, where appropriate, rewrite your onboarding materials and training. We will then train your staff to more effectively implement onboarding

Management & Leadership Training: First, we listen and learn about your systems. We will discuss your strengths, infrastructure, areas that cannot be altered, priorities, as well as roles, responsibilities, and common challenges. We will also do what we call a “Pulls Analysis” and consider challenges your managers and leaders face through a social psychology lens. This will help us make recommendations, design science-based trainings that are engaging, and then provide you with systems

Consulting for Franchise Companies & Companies with Multiple Stores or Locations

Expert training for franchisees and superior training systems for their employees


  • Brand building & Employer brand protection
  • Reduce Turnover
  • Increase Productivity and Profitability
  • Expertly designed strategies to elevate your existing systems

With franchises and company-owned stores at multiple locations, your business systems are largely in place and well-established. What costs you money is the human factor. What inhibits productivity, increases turnover and the costs of attracting proper talent, causes costly distractions and zaps human and financial resources are inappropriate or ineffective human interactions, even when behaviors rise above the level of illegal.

You can now check-the-box of compliance and advance your culture.

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