Workplace Culture

Sexual Harassment & Misconduct Prevention + Workplace Culture Development

The Problem – Employers are Responsible for Preventing Problems Beyond Their Areas of Expertise

We are experts on sexual misconduct prevention and other critical issues.

And we apply a science-based approach that takes your approach to prevention and culture development to a new level.

The Culture Strength™ Method

  • Prevent Harm
  • Improve Retention
  • Craft Your Culture with Greater Control
  • Build and Protect Your Employer Brand

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Take the Guesswork Out of Preventing Harm to People and Your Organization

Prevention of harm and the development of your people on ethical issues is not the place for making assumptions or guessing what “should” work.

Our Three Levels of Expertise Allow Us to Take the Guesswork Out of Optimizing Your Approach

  1. Subject Matter Expertise to avoid costly errors
  2. Applied Social Sciences model for effective influence on behavior
  3. Training & Development Expertise and Talent to tailor for you and ensure a great reception

Why Traditional Approaches are Insufficient

“How is it that otherwise good people can make such bad and harmful decisions?”

Traditional education and awareness-raising campaigns on sexual harassment and misconduct are positive attempts that can be one piece of the puzzle, but they often leave misconceptions and confusion in place for many people, especially in those we most need to reach.

These remaining misconceptions, confusion, and sometimes defensiveness, leaves seeds and roots in place that produce the toxic behavior that harms people, causes you to lose great talent, and hinders ultimate success.

These roots of underlying thinking are your hidden risks that can be harmful to people and organizations.

We are Experts on Your Hidden Risks and on How to Counter Them

Your hidden risks are what social science has identified as moral and ethical blind spots, rationalizations, and confusion on complex issues that lead otherwise decent people to fail to act ethically.

Ethical blind spots, tendencies to rationalize bad behavior, and moral disconnects are not detectable in background checks or the interview process because many good and successful people can later fail to do what is right in critical ways.

It takes a strategic approach based on multiple levels of expertise to optimize your approach to preventing sexual harassment and misconduct of all types.

Tailored for You

Effective Training is Tailored for the Audience

  • Executives and Upper Leadership Level
  • Management and Leadership Training
  • HR Professionals
  • Internal Prevention Educators
  • Entry-Level Employees

Our Method of Analysis to Design Tailored Solutions Considers –

  • Your Industry Norms
  • Your Culture and Goals
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Those Receiving Training
  • Infrastructure and Natural Opportunities to Integrate Enhanced Solutions

We Stay on as a Partner Until You Agree It’s Great

Options for You

  • Complete Culture Strength Partnership – We Work with You as a Partner in an 18-Month to 3-Year Engagement, Providing Expert Training and Consulting, Elevating Your Onboarding, New Employee, and Leadership Training Systems, and Building Your Internal Expertise
  • Tailored & Train-the-Trainer – We Equip You with Our Expert Content Tailored for You and Training to Deliver It
  • We Provide the Tailored Training for You – On-site Expert Training to Supplement Your e-Learning or Other Strategies
  • Tailored E-Learning Options – We Apply Our Method of Inquiry, Analysis, and Tailoring to Optimize the Educational Impact for Your Organization

*We view e-learning as only one small piece of prevention and culture development. We help you naturally integrate other behavior-influencing components into your onboarding, new employee training, and manager training systems.

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