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The CompleteStrength Program for Athletics Departments

Build Complete Strength │ Become a Complete Person │ Live a Complete Life

The Innovative Approach to Preventing Harmful Behavior and Equipping Young People for Life

What We Do

Just as talking about a sport and explaining the rules is not enough for great coaching, providing information about the issue of sexual assault, explaining policies, and inspiring people to “do the right thing” is not sufficient for preventing harmful behavior in your community.

The social sciences can explain why common approaches to addressing these issues are insufficient. We apply social science disciplines, insights from research, and twenty years of experience in engaging young people on serious issues to design more effective approaches. We also apply some good old-fashioned creativity to address these issues in an alternative, more effective way.

Specialists in Prevention Education

Our specialization is in education and training that reaches men as well as women to build understanding, shift attitudes, and increase buy-in on issues relating to –

  • Sexual misconduct prevention
  • Abusive relationships prevention
  • Stalking and harassing behavior prevention
  • Sexual ethics
  • Positive relationships

We provide the training and curriculum that –

  • Gets beyond the choir and reaches the hard-to-reach
  • Increases buy-in and ownership
  • Is grounded in theory & research, but proven to engage
  • Has a four-year focus, rather than the same program every year

How We Partner with You

We consult with you to provide a complete and comprehensive approach, or a customized approach to enhance specific areas.

Customized Training and Curriculum for your –

  • Staff
  • Coaches
  • Student-Athletes

We Help Build Your Capacity to Impact Your Culture

  • Engaging workshops that are fully grounded in theory and research
  • Train-the-trainer options to equip your staff and coaches to deliver our expert content directly to your student-athletes
  • The Complete Strength Handbook – A foundational component that allows for four-year developmental education and leadership development
  • Complete Strength posters and other components for strategic messaging throughout your facilities
  • Coach’s Notes for coaching staff and team leaders: Equipping your most influential voices with bits of expert content in natural language
  • On-site Speaking & Training programs provided by founder and program developer Aaron Boe

Our Process

Contact us at to begin the process. Inquire about our workshops, our Complete Strength resources for student-athletes, our train-the-trainer approach, the four-year curriculum model, or our approach with coaches and staff.

Since our options range from a complete and comprehensive approach to a one-time speaking engagement with a select audience, we want to learn what your goals are, discuss your perspective on your current approach, and share options for you to consider.

We work with people who are experts in what they do, and enjoy providing our expertise in what we do.