The Complete Strength™ System for Athletes

We Apply Social Science to Help You Prevent Harm & Prepare Athletes for Positive Lives

You Can Now Optimize How You Prevent Sexual Misconduct and Other Harm

Meet and Exceed NCAA Requirements.

The Problem: Athletics Directors and Coaches are Tasked with Preventing Complex Problems Beyond Their Areas of Expertise

Complete Success is the Goal for Coaches & ADs

Coaches and Athletics Directors want to see their athletes achieve success both in competition and as a person in their life beyond the sport.

But You Have a Hidden Opponent

Findings from Social Science tell us how otherwise good people can have moral and ethical blind spots, and can rationalize or minimize unethical behavior, or fail to even recognize how serious a certain situation is.

That is why no campus or team is immune from being at risk.

Additionally, many people have serious needs through no fault or actions of their own because of the realities of mental illness.

We are Experts on Your Hidden Opponent and on the Game Plan to Defeat It

We are experts on your hidden opponent of the complex human issues within your people. It’s like being able to identify in advance where the weaker links on a chain are more likely to be, and then tightening those links as much as possible in advance.

This allows us to develop the most strategic and effective approach to prevention and developmental education for your athletes and coaches.

The Complete Strength™ System for Athletes

  • Prevent Harm More Effectively
  • Improve Player Development for Life Outside the Sport
  • Craft Your Culture with Greater Control
  • Protect Your Department and Your Institution

Expert Tools for Critical Issues

  • Sexual Assault & Misconduct – Sexual & Social Ethics
  • Abusive Relationships, Abusive Behaviors & Stalking – Healthy Relationships & Conflict Management Skills
  • Suicide Risk Reduction & Mental Illness – Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Hazing & High-Risk Team Activities – Superior Strength Principles for Teams

Contact us to discuss what solutions would best fit your athletics department.

Take the Guesswork Out of Preventing Harm

There is Too Much at Stake to Approach Prevention through Guesswork and Piecemeal Methods.

Winning in sports comes from applying science and systems.

We apply science and systems to help you optimize your influence on outside-the-sport decisions and behavior.

The Difference is in the Combination of Our Three Levels of Expertise:

  1. Subject Matter Expertise to avoid costly errors
  2. Applied Social Sciences/Behavioral Ethics Approach for more effective influence on behavior
  3. Training & Development Expertise and Talent to tailor for you and ensure a great reception ongoing with athletes and coaches

We are the only organization in the world that takes an Applied Social Science/Behavioral Ethics approach, combined with subject matter expertise and training and development expertise to optimize the approach to preventing sexual assault and misconduct.

Options for You

We are Outside Experts Who Build Your Internal Expertise and Capabilities

  • The Complete EliteThe 4-Year Complete Strength System of Whole-Player Development – Tailored for you and your men, women, coaches, and staff
  • The Complete Strength Standard – 2-Levels of Expert Content – Delivered by Complete Strength Trainers, or we equip and train you with our content
  • Customized Speaking & Training Days with founder Aaron Boe – Limited Dates Available; Contact to inquire and reserve
  • Customized Speaking & Training Days with Dr. Brian Mistler – Limited Dates Available; Contact to inquire and reserve
  • Speaking & Training days by Complete Strength Trainers

Our Expert Content & Training in Your Hands

The Social Strengths Discussions for Athletes

This award-winning workshop approaches critical issues like sexual assault and abusive vs. healthy relationships in a truly unique way. Designed by founder Aaron Boe and tested across hundreds of locations in a train-the-trainer model, it has proven itself to be both impactful and highly popular among both men and women.

Addressing and Building: Social & Relational Strengths and Moral & Ethical Strengths

The Social Strengths Bystander Training for Athletes

This Bystander Intervention Training reaches root-level thinking. It allows for discussions that cover each critical issue area and equips your athletes for realistic options to do help in a broad spectrum of scenarios.

This innovative workshop has been shown to shift attitudes across over a dozen critical topic areas and has been applauded by 97% of college men in a sample of over 3,000.

Addressing and Building: Moral & Ethical Strengths, Social & Relational Strengths, Mental & Emotional Strengths, and Educational Strengths

I CAN HELP for Athletes & I CAN HELP Ambassador Program for Athletics Departments – Suicide Risk Reduction, Mental Health & Wellbeing

This innovative program developed by Dr. Brian Mistler allows you to reduce risk and elevate understanding for coaches, staff, and athletes on complex mental health issues at will.

Addressing & Building: Mental & Emotional Strengths, Social & Relational Strengths  

Option: E-Learning Options Tailored for Your Athletics Department

We Apply Our Method of Inquiry, Analysis, and Tailoring to Optimize the Educational Impact for Your Organization

*We view e-learning as only one small piece of prevention and culture development. We help you naturally integrate other behavior-influencing components into your unique scheduling challenges and throughout the four-year athlete experience.

Contact us to discuss your goals and our process to help.

Developed with the Missing Piece of Sports Science

The New Addition to Sports Science

There has been a dramatic increase over the last several decades in the role science plays in optimizing athletic performance. In sports, we look for every slight edge, not only in effort and skills development, but also in how science can help us find points of leverage to achieve at higher levels.

But there is one science that has been missing from sports, and that has been in off-the-field/outside-the-sport decision-making and behavior.

You Don’t Use Chuck Taylors

Chuck Taylors and leather helmets are no longer what we use in elite competition. There is too much at stake, and it’s not necessary because we have better options.

The same is true now for how you can prevent harm and other problems. No one needs us to explain policies, rules, and consequences. Your internal professionals can provide basic education. But optimizing how you influence outside-the-sport decisions and behavior is much more complex.

Optimize How You Prevent Harm and Prepare Athletes for Life

You can have an elite-level system for preventing unethical and harmful behavior while also preparing your athletes to win at the predictable challenges of life

You have the infrastructure, young people, and adult mentors. We are experts on sexual assault and misconduct prevention, as well as other critical issues that cause life-altering harm.

We team up with you and provide our science-based approach that takes your strategies to influencing outside-the-sport behavior to a new level.

Contact us to discuss what would fit best for your athletics department.