Prevent Sexual Misconduct and Other Harm – The Complete Approach

Why We Developed The Complete Strength System of Tailored Training and Guidance:

We know you care deeply about your student-athletes. And everyone is doing more now than ever before to address sexual assault and other serious issues.

The problem is, sexual assault and misconduct, dating violence, and mental illness are so complex that having one or two good pieces in place is not enough.

Most people are unsure of what more to do, and we understand it is not realistic for a department or institution to have the internal expertise and time to develop the complete system to address these confusing issues on your own.

That’s why we developed the Complete Strength™ system for athletics departments.

With the Complete Strength™ System of Training you can:

  • Reduce and Prevent Life-Altering Harm: Have a stronger proactive system of training to prevent and reduce life-altering harm from occurring in the first place.
  • Better Protect Your People, Community, and Reputation: Have peace of mind from knowing you have the strongest system in place. Now you can provide what your staff and student-athletes need to have the greatest chance to win in this critical area.
  • Have a System You Can be Proud of when Talking to Alumni and Recruiting – What Complete Strength™ is really about is both preventing harm before it occurs and equipping young people with what they need for positive lives. You can take pride in going well-beyond being compliant and providing young people with what they need to successfully meet the challenges of their personal lives outside-the-sport in college and beyond.

We understand there is a lot at stake for your people and your community.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Award-Winning Bystander Intervention and Social Strengths Workshops & Discussions—4-Year Complete Series Available
  • Proven to Connect with Both Men and Women – We’ve Already Helped over 100,000 Students and Professionals
  • Proven to Change Over a Dozen Key Attitudes Related to Ethical Behavior
  • Meet and Exceed NCAA Requirements
  • Developed by Award-Winning Author Aaron Boe and Dr. Brian Mistler
  • Relevant and Developmental for Positive Lives—Not Political, Not Redundant, Not Just More of the Same or More Slogans and Statistics
  • Tailored for Student-Athletes at Each Level, Coaches, Staff, and Senior Leadership – So Each Person Receives Relevant and Helpful Training They Like and Appreciate
  • Ongoing Guidance and Support from Expert Partners on Your Team

“Aaron was incredibly helpful in engaging campus leaders in student affairs and athletics, re-envisioning our conversations with students around challenging topics like sexual misconduct to create intentional, sustainable change.”

Sandi Scott, Dean of Students, University of Wisconsin – Stout

Building your complete system is pretty simple.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Game Plan: We draw up a customized game plan for you. We do a quick discussion on your current strengths and potential gaps, and then make a plan to fill in your gaps so you have peace of mind knowing you have the strongest system in place.
  2. Execution: We execute the plan by providing tailored training and guidance.
  3. Look to Next Season: You now have a stronger system in place that is equipping individuals for more positive lives and elevating your culture. We then discuss and tailor a plan for the next year to strengthen your Complete approach as needed.

Stop wondering if you’re doing enough. We can help.

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“Aaron Boe and his team have developed an approach that maximizes the impact in the limited time available to reach student-athletes. As a former athlete, I’ve seen first-hand the negative effects when athletes are not developed personally.”

Alex Taylor, Basketball – Huntingdon College

Menu of Training & Coaching Services that Help You Prevent Harm While Developing People for Positive Lives

Most senior leaders and coaches take these issues very seriously but are unsure of what more to do.

We developed our tailored system of training and guidance so you can fill in gaps and strengthen your proactive approach, giving you better protection and the ability to provide what your people need on these complex issues.

The Power of Complete

Developed by Award-Winning Author and Program Developer Aaron Boe and Dr. Brian Mistler


  • Recruiting – Strategic messages on Complete Strength™ Principles and promotion of your Complete Strength System
  • Incoming Student-Athletes – Strategic Complete Strength™ Discussions
  • Returning and Veteran Student-Athletes – Multi-Level for development & real-world relevance
  • SAAC & Student-Athlete Leaders – Taking them to the next level and optimizing their influence
  • Alumni – Guidance and coaching for alumni who believe in promoting Complete Strength™ Principles
  • Mentors – Mentor training available to better prepare and utilize your volunteers


  • Head Coaches – Tailored training or personalized coaching for the unique needs and challenges your head coaches will face, and to optimize their ability to prevent outside-the-sport problems
  • Coaching Staff – Tailored training and discussions with coaching staff to provide them with what they need to optimize their influence on student-athletes
  • Flexible to fit into your schedule and the schedules of your coaches


  • Staff at Each Level – Tailored training, discussions, and personalized coaching for staff so you can provide them with what they need for their role and responsibilities.
  • Train-the-Trainer Option – Select staff can be trained to provide our expert content that will influence decision-making and impact your student-athletes for positive lives.
  • Senior Leadership Coaching – Tailored training or personalized coaching for senior leaders to optimize your ability to make decisions from the most informed perspective.

Now you can put new expert talent on your side. Your time is precious, and our time is precious. We work with you to provide just the right advanced training and guidance that can help you.

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