Reviews & Impact

“Aaron was incredibly helpful in engaging campus leaders in student affairs and athletics, re-envisioning our conversations with students around challenging topics like sexual misconduct to create intentional, sustainable change.”

Sandi Scott, Dean of Students, University of Wisconsin – Stout

“While we contracted Aaron to advance our sexual misconduct prevention strategies, his work has positively impacted our prevention work across a much wider spectrum of areas than we ever first envisioned.”

Fred Dobry, Director of Health & Safety, Sigma Nu Fraternity Inc. (September, 2017)

“Aaron does a wonderful job of bringing important issues to groups in an incredibly constructive way. Every person who hears Aaron goes through life a better person with a better understanding of how to communicate with others as well as the impact all of our actions have on those around us.”

Coach Matt Greason – Men’s Hockey, Trinity College

“Player development is key for our success after our time on campus. Aaron Boe and his team have developed an approach that maximizes the impact in the limited time available to reach student-athletes. As a former athlete, I’ve seen first-hand the negative effects when athletes are not developed personally. Prevention Culture’s approach has been statistically proven to affect positive change in mindset and behavior.”

Alex Taylor, Basketball player – Huntingdon College

“Aaron has been able to connect with our students on difficult topics like responsible/healthy dating and bystander intervention in a way that I’ve never seen a speaker do before.”

Erin Twomey, Associate Director, Student Center & Campus Life, Quinnipiac University

“I’ve been in the military for 15 years and have seen countless programs on this topic. I’ve even been a trainer myself. This is one of the top 2 programs that I’ve ever seen on this topic.”

Volunteer Chapter Advisor for Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity

“We partnered with Aaron Boe in addressing some of the most complex issues facing college students, and I am pleased to say the partnership has been a resounding success. Aaron has a mastery of the relevant science and research that clearly comes through in his curriculum and training. He engages in a true partnership approach with his clients. He accepts feedback and adjusts the curriculum as may be necessary to best impact the intended audiences. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Aaron for the advancement of our risk reduction initiatives for years to come.”

Fred Dobry, Director of Risk Reduction, Sigma Nu Fraternity

“Aaron’s program is both thought provoking and sincere. He was able to connect to our undergraduate students and advisors with a strong message based on research and the understanding of human nature. His program touched students from across the spectrum of understanding of the topic and fueled continued conversation after the program.”

Wes Schaub, Director of Greek Letter Organizations and Societies, Dartmouth College

“We live in a new world when it comes to the prevention of sexual violence on campus. We are now being asked to demonstrate proven, effective prevention programs. There is no one better at talking to college men about sexual violence prevention than Aaron Boe. He is real, he is engaging, and his approach is grounded in science.”

Dr. Gentry McCreary, Affiliate Consultant with the NCHERM Group and CEO of Dyad Strategies

“We’ve all had to sit through roughly 5 sexual assault prevention talks. Recently I sat through another. That one was the best one I’ve sat through. That one was yours.”

Blake McFarland – President, Kappa Sigma chapter at The University of Kansas

“We all recognize the important role of a graduate advisor in our undergraduate chapters. With the wide range of questions, conversations, and opinions regarding sexual misconduct on campus, we want to better equip our graduate volunteers to maximize their impact. Aaron Boe has been invaluable in helping Phi Gamma Delta deliver important concepts and information in an approachable manner. His message is well-received and seen as beneficial from our graduate volunteers.”

Rob Caudill, Director of Graduate Development, Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity

96% agreed or strongly agreed – “As a result of this workshop, I believe more of my sisters will feel emboldened to expect respect for their wishes and feelings when it comes to consent and physical/sexual situations.”

Collegiate women of Zeta Tau Alpha

“I myself have been through this and thought I wouldn’t gain anything from going, but I learned a lot more than I thought.”

Sorority member of Alpha Xi Delta in feedback on workshop developed for Courageous Conversations initiative

“I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this program. I found it to be meaningful, insightful and found it to have many real world applications. I’m happy to be a part of an organization that sponsors these types of programs. Snaps to you, Pi Phi!”

Collegiate woman of Pi Beta Phi on their Sisterhood, Safety and Sexual Assault workshop

93% agreed or strongly agreed – “Because of this workshop I am better equipped to support a friend who is a victim/survivor of abuse or sexual assault.”

Collegiate women of Alpha Xi Delta

92% agreed or strongly agreed – “Because of this workshop I am better able to recognize unhealthy or abusive behaviors, or warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, even if it’s not physical abuse.

Collegiate women of Alpha Xi Delta

“The Bystander Strengths Workshop was phenomenal.”

Sigma Nu Fraternity member

Sample size of 4,056 collegiate fraternity members of Sigma Nu Fraternity

95.5% – Agreed or Strongly Agreed: After this workshop, I think more of my brothers will recognize behaviors a man should be above in a relationship other than physical violence.

93% – Agreed or Strongly Agreed: After this workshop, it is clearer to me when and why it would sometimes be important to say “No, thanks” or “Not tonight” to a potential opportunity for a sexual encounter.

94.4% – Agreed or Strongly Agreed: After this workshop, I think more of my brothers have a better understanding of why it would be important to intervene if a brother was intending to hook up with a person who seems to be out of it/probably incapable of consenting.

93.5% – Agreed or Strongly Agreed: After this workshop, I feel more confident that I could say something or do something in a simple way if I see something that doesn’t look good.

“You are like a real relationships expert. Like, you should be a writer for Cosmo or something! Seriously.”

Female student at Eastern Connecticut State University

“Social Strengths is different from any other program I have ever experienced because it is tailor made to address the issues and solutions that lie within today’s Greek life culture.”

Marc Munoz, Phi Kappa Psi staff member and traveling consultant

“The Bystander Strengths Workshop was a great experience. I think that a lot of the brothers were able to find out exactly how to become an active bystander.”

Collegiate member of Sigma Nu Fraternity

“The Social Strengths approach provides men with a new way to think about sexual violence and what it means in today’s society. Fraternity men around the country are constantly educated on sexual violence, but it seems that it is always the same type of information. Social Strengths breaks away from the typical and allows men to engage in a conversation tailored around education and personal growth.”

Zachary Herge, Alumni member and traveling consultant for Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity

“Social Strengths provides a different way to frame the conversation around sexual violence.”

Alexander Vickery-Holland, Phi Kappa Psi staff member and traveling consultant

“I thought that the Sisterhood, Safety and Sexual Assault program was very important and very much needed for sorority life. Sexual assault and unhealthy relationships are topics that need to be discussed, especially since they are so apparent on college campuses and in sorority and fraternity life. I thought Donald our facilitator was great and knew how to interact with the group of girls and make us feel comfortable. It was a great experience.”

Collegiate woman of Pi Beta Phi on their Sisterhood, Safety and Sexual Assault workshop

“Aaron’s presentation was not only insightful, but I appreciated how real and honest he was while speaking. He immediately engaged everyone in the audience with his humor and sincerity. The women in my sorority were grateful to hear what Aaron had to say and I would recommend him for your group as well.”

Bethany Aho, VP of Programming, Delta Gamma – Indiana University

“Aaron Boe casually introduced deeply important concepts about relationships and mutual respect in a way that resonated with our students. Aaron’s approach was unique and positive and left our students feeling empowered.”

Sarah Barnes-Diaz, Coordinator for Health Education and Outreach Programs, Butler University

“During my training I learned more about myself and what I could do to help others. Because the program focused on individuals, this training will stick with me throughout my life.”

Traveling consultant for Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity

“Every man should go through this.”

Southeastern Inter-fraternity Conference Fraternity Officer

“So good, seriously best talk I have heard in a long time with real answers.”

Collegiate sorority member

“I wanted to email you to let you know that talking with the pledges went so well. The pledges listened intently and chimed in with such intentional and thoughtful tidbits. Maybe I’m just so excited by how tonight went and am completely overdoing it right now, but all of that goes to you. Thank you. With your slides I barely had to do anything to make tonight happen. Just sending a big thank you from Williamsburg, VA.”

William, Beta Theta Pi Fraternity leader, William & Mary

“Thanks so much for taking part in Acacia Fraternity’s Conclave this past week. You helped make it the success it was! I know the guys listened, as they were using examples you gave throughout the rest of the weekend. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Keith Bushey, Executive Director, Acacia Fraternity Headquarters