Middle School & High School

Programs for Students, Staff, Administration & Parents


Assembly, Large Group, Keynote

The Big 3: Essential Strengths for Great Relationships

*Typically done as two separate programs for boys/young men and a girls/young women

Equipping students for healthy relationships in all ways:

Creatively addressed within 3 key strengths:

  • Healthy relationship concepts
  • Warning signs of unhealthy or abusive relationships
  • Non-physical abusive and unhealthy behaviors – Verbal, Emotional, Etc.
  • Technology and relationships
  • Coercion and manipulation
  • Looking out for others/Bystander Intervention
  • Self-Acceptance and Self-Worth

Peer Educators/Peer Mentors

  • Combines the power of proven expert content with the power of peer or upperclassmen influence
  • Customized for your school and student group, whether you are starting a new program or strengthening your existing group.
  • Content & Training provided for simple workshops and social messaging


Proactive education to address Title IX issues of sexual misconduct and dating violence.

  • Customized for your goals and audience
  • Opportunity to submit questions anonymously in advance of program, and in addition to phone meeting to discuss program goals

Beyond Awareness: Understanding Sexual Misconduct, Abusive Relationships, and What You Can Do

Coaches Workshop


Critical Issues in Teen Relationships

  • Warning signs of unhealthy and abusive relationships
  • The technology factor
  • Making sense of the confusing issue of sexual misconduct and sexual assault
  • Considerations for talking with your son or daughter about relationships and sex
  • Handout with summary of key concepts
  • Q & A

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