The Fraternal Strengths Program


Curriculum for Member Education designed specifically for fraternity men

The Fraternal Strengths Program was created to provide national and international fraternities with the expert content they need to properly educate 100% of their members at the chapter level.

Beginning with prospective and new members, and including student leadership development through to the executive director level, this program is designed to utilize the power of fraternity men and the fraternity system to make a difference where needed and to equip individual men for healthier personal lives in college and beyond.

The behind-the-scenes framework and program structure is built from applying social psychology, educational psychology, extensive reviews of the research literature and extensive experience both working with college men and being a fraternity man.  The packaged content, however, is designed to fit within undergraduate fraternity culture and is written in a way to engage undergraduate college men in a lasting way.

The Fraternal Strengths Program

  • Goes beyond addressing the serious issues of sexual misconduct and relational aggression, and also equips young members with principles and insights that serve them in personal relationships throughout their entire lives.
  • Addresses core concepts of masculinity that allow for foundation to positively shift attitudes on other serious issues, such as hazing and alcohol abuse.