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Preventing Harm While Developing Members

Proven, Innovative Approaches to Member Education & the Prevention of Harm

“Statistically significant changes were seen from pre to post-program in all 13 program outcomes.”

– Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. – data from 4,162 collegiate men

What We Do

No organization needs our services to share statistics and basic information on sexual assault or abusive relationships, or to have students take a one-time online module.

We work with organizations to provide the expert content and resources for a much more strategic approach to influencing behavior and preventing life-altering harm.

There are reasons why just providing information about the issue of sexual assault, explaining policies, and inspiring people to “be a gentleman,” “be a supportive sister” and “live our values” are not sufficient for preventing harmful behavior and building healthy chapter cultures.

We apply multiples disciplines from the social sciences, insights from research, and twenty years of experience in engaging young people on serious issues to design more effective approaches.

We also apply some good old-fashioned creativity to address this spectrum of serious issues in an alternative, more effective way.

Specialists in Prevention Education

Our specialization is in education and training that reaches men as well as women to build understanding, shift attitudes, and increase buy-in on issues relating to –

  • Sexual misconduct prevention
  • Abusive relationships prevention
  • Stalking and harassing behavior prevention
  • Sexual ethics
  • Positive relationships

We provide the training and curriculum that –

  • Gets beyond the choir and reaches the hard-to-reach
  • Increases buy-in and ownership
  • Is grounded in theory & research, but proven to engage

We work with you to ensure that your overall educational approach and specific messaging avoids errors and is optimized for influencing behavior.

Why it Matters

These issues impact every organization, every year. Every organization has a collegiate population large enough that every major social issue will affect members every year.

Many young people coming into your organization have already experienced abuse or assault, and the resulting emotional trauma from that can be reduced or made worse depending on the chapter culture they join. Others are on a trajectory to continue to mistreat partners in relationships, cause serious harm, and ruin their opportunities for healthy relationships.

Some otherwise good people will fail to see the problem in using a smartphone to commit voyeurism. Others will not know how to respond appropriately when they learn of a sister’s or friend’s experience, and will add to the pain when they could have served to start the healing.

It’s about life-altering emotional trauma. Everyone understands that stranger rape would result in life-altering emotional trauma. Yet too many do not yet understand that the emotional harm from a person being violated, even in less extreme ways, by a “regular” or known person on campus can result in the same (or even worse) emotional trauma that alters their life in multiple ways.

You have the power to reduce the number of incidents and the severity of harm for a significant number of people. While working to do this, we can also equip young people for better life experiences in their social lives and personal relationships.

We cannot respond our way out of these issues. Prevention is possible. Strategic education can shift attitudes in a way that results in shifts in behavior. Few people intentionally want to cause life-altering harm to another person, but many have received the strategic education to connect their behavior (or their failure to act) with the harm it will cause.

Merely getting better at responding after life-altering harm occurs is not a prescription for success, and it doesn’t align with what we believe is important.

This aligns with your stated purpose. With robust, strategic member education and development, you’re able to dramatically shift the trajectory of individual members and evolve chapter cultures in a way that benefits your organization in every way.

How We Partner with You

We consult with you to provide a complete and comprehensive approach, or a customized approach to enhance specific areas beyond your current areas of strength.

Customized Education & Training for Your –

  • Traveling Staff and Headquarters Staff – A better educated staff is better equipped to avoid errors, recognize warning signs of serious issues, have much more effective conversations, and utilize their natural gifts to impact individuals and chapters.
  • Volunteers & Chapter Advisors – Volunteers and chapter advisors are one of only a few key points of leverage for improving your organization. Better educated volunteers feel more appreciated, are better equipped to use their relationships as intended for the role, and are less likely to undermine your efforts with misguided comments.
  • Board – Board members are experts in their own fields and bring insight from their own life experiences. Providing them with customized education to understand these complex issues and how they affect the organization better equips them to make decisions strategically and optimize the use of resources for the organization and for individual students.
  • Collegiate Members – Student leaders and general chapter members need a very specific type of education, not just information on an issue. Equipping student leaders to go back to their chapter and impact others is a complicated process, and it is even more complicated when it comes to these complex issues.

We Help Build Your Capacity to Impact Your Members and Organization

  • New Member Education & Leadership Development – Consulting and Curriculum Customization for integrating serious issues naturally into your organization’s member and volunteer education – We customize our supplemental member manuals in Print and Mobile formats to connect these critical social issues with your values, your specific language, and in your branding, and provide strategic questions to assess critical learning.
  • Expert curriculum and Facilitator Training for proven, engaging workshops that are fully grounded in theory and research
  • Leadership Retreats & Harm Prevention Programming – Consulting to audit, analyze, and provide new content or recommend enhancements
  • Speaking & Training programs provided by founder and program developer Aaron Boe, or by mental health expert Dr. Brian Mistler

Our Process

Contact us at to begin the process.

Since our options range from a complete and comprehensive approach to a one-time speaking engagement with a select audience, we want to learn what your goals are, discuss your perspective on your current approach, and share options for you to consider.

We work with people who are experts in what they do, and enjoy providing our expertise in what we do.