Leading Men


The Positive Approach

  • Guidance on forming and sustaining your group
  • Core Curriculum & Guiding Principles for student-generated enhancements
  • Customized Peer Leader—Peer Educator Training

LeadingMen is the positive way to engage fraternity men and other college men to create a safer and healthier social culture.

There are a lot of things to be against, but what are we for?  Negative approaches tend to repel too many people, or at least they fail to attract as much of the human, social and cultural capital we need to make a powerful impact.

On the other side of unethical behavior is ethical behavior.  It might be intuitive to assume that promoting a big problem moves people to action, but history has proven that this fails to reach the numbers of people we need and that the initial burst of activity is not sustainable.  For sustainable change–for programs that can actually grow and increase in their strength and impact, we need a positive approach.

In order to have a significant number of talented young men involved, we must create groups that a significant number of young men want to be a part of.  For groups to grow in size and strength it takes a group culture in which talented and social men feel natural recruiting their friends to join it as well.

The LeadingMen Program is structured to provide multiple personal benefits to each member in addition to the experience of making a difference in the world around him.

A program focused on providing students with what they want

While virtually no one wants to talk about rape or sexual assault, most students like talking about relationships, their social lives, hooking up, confidence, the physical and sexual aspects of relationships, and other topics central to life on which they receive no real education before and possibly during college.

Our most serious issues can be addressed naturally within other topics while students are also equipped to live healthier personal lives and be better educated on how to help those around them.

Most college students want to know about –

  • How to have great relationships
  • How to deal with jealousy
  • How to deal with conflict
  • How to help a friend in a bad relationship
  • How to recognize warning signs of a bad relationship
  • How to have greater confidence
  • How to avoid turnoffs
  • How to be good at the physical aspect of relationships, (which happens to necessarily include being ethical at it)
  • How to handle complex social situations
  • How to know what to do when your gut tells you there’s something wrong in a situation
  • How to recognize unhealthy relationships that are not abusive
  • Where the actual lines are when it comes to alcohol, ethics and sexual activity
  • How they can use what they already do know to be involved in helping others in a bigger way

The LeadingMen Program is about creating an opportunity for college men to be part of a positive approach to increase their own knowledge and promote principles and insights to others that will help them lead healthier and more successful personal lives.

Contact us at info@preventionculture.com to discuss options for using peer education and peer leadership to create a safer and healthier social culture on your campus.