Assessment-Driven Programming

Assessment-Driven Consulting, in partnership with Dyad Strategies

Assessment → Strategic Prevention Programming

What are the underlying beliefs and attitudes that drive student behavior in your fraternity and sorority community? How do they treat victims/survivors? Do they hold underlying beliefs that might increase the likelihood of engaging in or allowing certain types of sexual misconduct?

Through a partnership with Dyad Strategies, we can now provide an even greater level of customization for each chapter and campus community through a program called Advancing Social Culture, which combines a cultural assessment with proven approaches to prevention.

The new partnership between Prevention Culture and Dyad Strategies allows us to provide a customized workshop to be delivered to one chapter, and a different customized program based on the unique needs of the chapter next door.

Each critical issue has multiple aspects. For example, some students currently hold attitudes that make them more likely to violate another person or minimize the impact of sexual misconduct, and other students hold attitudes that make them less likely to support a victim/survivor, or recognize the need to intervene proactively.

Previous research has shown that organizational culture can be a powerful influence on beliefs and attitudes. By assessing attitudes and trends, we are better able to identify where critical gaps and points of disconnect lie. This allows us to target the roots of negative chapter and community cultures relating to sexual misconduct and other social issues.

Team of Experts

With the team of Aaron Boe, Dr. Gentry McCreary and Dr. Joshua Schutts working together to impact your students and campus, you’ll have experts on sexual misconduct, abusive relationships, hazing, and positive approaches to social culture change on your team to provide assessment-driven consulting for your campus.

An initial assessment will be completed by Dyad Strategies to uncover insights into the unique landscape of attitudes and themes in your chapters and community. After data is collected, the Prevention Culture and Dyad Strategies team will analyze the data and Prevention Culture will design and deliver a strategic approach to change in your community.

In addition to tailored programming, campuses will receive a report detailing their fraternity/sorority community’s scores on a variety of constructs, including:

  • Survivor Support Mentality
  • Sexual Assault Minimization Mentality
  • Sexual Assault Victim-Blaming Mentality
  • Sexual Assault Social Pressure Mentality (Sororities Only)
  • Sexual Assault Solidarity Mentality (Fraternities Only)
  • Ethical Decision-Making
  • Moral Disengagement
  • Brother/Sisterhood Chapter Profiles
  • Hazing Attitudes
  • Other constructs available upon request

Options & Booking

Options range from a customized approach for one to two days of strategic education to a multi-year relationship with multiple components.

Contact us today for bookings and to discuss options: Aaron Boe, or Dr. Gentry McCreary