Fraternity & Sorority Solutions

Core Services for National Fraternal Organizations:

“We partnered with Aaron Boe in addressing some of the most complex issues facing college students, and I am pleased to say the partnership has been a resounding success. Aaron has a mastery of the relevant science and research that clearly comes through in his curriculum and training. He engages in a true partnership approach with his clients. He accepts feedback and adjusts the curriculum as may be necessary to best impact the intended audiences. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Aaron for the advancement of our risk reduction initiatives for years to come.”

Fred Dobry, Director of Risk Reduction, Sigma Nu Fraternity

  1. Expert content integrated into new member education – Customized for your organization
  2. Training for your traveling staff
  3. Educating and equipping your chapter advisors – Live training via webinar + Print resources
  4. Chapter-level workshop & Training for staff or volunteer facilitators

“I wanted to email you to let you know that talking with the pledges went so well. The pledges listened intently and chimed in with such intentional and thoughtful tidbits. Maybe I’m just so excited by how tonight went and am completely overdoing it right now, but all of that goes to you. Thank you. With your slides I barely had to do anything to make tonight happen. Just sending a big thank you from Williamsburg, VA.”

William, Fraternity leader, William & Mary


When it comes to addressing sexual misconduct and dating violence in the fraternity and sorority community, greater action will be required.  It is important, therefore, that the actions taken make a significant and sustainable impact.

Complex and sustaining problems require strategic, comprehensive and sustainable solutions.

When we see fraternity men and sorority women as critical parts of the solution, we are better aligned with the thinking necessary to equip them for the roles they are needed to play.  In order to properly address sexual misconduct and relational aggression in the fraternity and sorority community we must utilize the infrastructure of the system itself.

It is unrealistic to expect undergraduate students, or even their headquarters leadership or campus advisors, to know how to implement education to prevent these complex problems on their own.  Chapters, campus advisors and headquarters staff must be helped to understand these complex issues, and each must be equipped with the proper tools to go beyond common compliance and equip their members for real-world situations.

Our fraternity & sorority solutions include the following –

  • Expert content that is implemented to reach 100% of undergraduate members
  • Multiple entry points and multiple levels of education at the proper dosage
  • Designed to fit within fraternity and sorority culture for a significant and sustainable impact
  • Opportunities for members to apply their talents to address these issues in a positive way

The solution requires much more than launching a campaign and building temporary enthusiasm.  And a one-time workshop can make a difference, but we must go beyond that in order to expect sustainable change.