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NOT ON OUR WATCH: Developing a Collaborative Community Response to Violence

Core Training for Building a Same Team Community™

What:Train the Key Members of Your Community & Kick-Start Change. *Customized training for individual departments or agencies available

Who: Community Leadership/Government, School staff/counselors, Judges, Prosecutors, Ministers, Daycare Staff, Social Service Providers, CASAs, Child Services Staff, Law Enforcement Officers, EMTs, Mental Health Providers, Medical Professionals, nursing/law students.

Where: In your community at the location of your choice.


Kick-off: What Would a Same Team Culture™ Look Like?

A Conversation on Diverse Roles and Common Goals

How Good People do Bad Things: Understanding the Psychology of Sexual Misconduct and Abusive Behaviors – Aaron Boe

Topics and Themes Covered:

Demystifying violent and violating behaviors, the myths that distract and confuse, language that avoids miscommunication, recognizing the less-extreme and less-obvious signs, understanding why other people don’t understand, countering tendencies that lead to error in our work, implications for the courtroom and legal process, implications for prevention.

Domestically Violent Homes: Risks of Harm for Children, Caregivers, and Pets – Andrew Campbell

Topics and Themes Covered:

Various forms of child maltreatment, toxic stress, child-caregiver attachment, “unavailable parenting”, the effects of witnessing threats or violence against animals living within the home, caregiver risk factors for domestic violence and emotional maltreatment, how to identify victims, and what to do once victims have been identified.

Finding the Points of Leverage: Putting Culture Change in Perspective to Move the Needle – Aaron Boe

Topics and Themes Covered:

Seeing the most important parts of the bigger picture, getting ahead on key issues despite drowning in problems, why simple solutions don’t work, errors to avoid in getting abusers to change, self-assessment for high-leverage and low-leverage activities in your role.

Developing a Multi-Disciplinary, Community Response to Violence, or (You Don’t Get Me, but We are On the Same Team) – Andrew Campbell & Aaron Boe

Topics and Themes Covered:

Improving connections between community agencies, collaborative data collection and research, developing a multi-disciplinary approach to violence prevention, identification and intervention, elevating our day-to-day in this difficult work.

Practical Applications: Getting Beyond “Interesting Information” to Making Real Change

  • Q & A and Answers to Pre-Submitted Questions
  • Discussions on Practical Applications
  • Deciding on Personal Takeaways and Plans
  • Planning for Next Steps on Collaboration

Registered attendees may submit questions and share their most common challenges in advance of this training day to further increase our ability to tailor education and training for you and your community.

Follow options available for next level training or consulting where needed.

Customized training days are available for your office, organization, or agency. Inquire at