Bystander Intervention Training

Applying Social Science to Increase Bystander Intervention

“Statistically significant changes were seen with all 13 outcomes measured.”

Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. – data from 4,162 collegiate men

Bystander intervention is not new. It’s as old as humankind, but multiple things must occur in order for a person do something helpful.

Effective bystander training calls for an approach that goes well-beyond inspiring students to intervene when they see a problem; it elevates understanding in specific ways and shifts a key set of attitudes.

Students can get inspired to speak up when sitting in a training session, but if they are not properly equipped to “see with educated eyes and hear with educated ears,” and also equipped with options that are realistic for their personality and level of confidence, it’s not likely that they will take action.

#8. I am aware of what I could say in complicated situations, such as not knowing the people involved, being at someone else’s party, etc.

97.3% of 3,173 college fraternity men of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc., over a 14% increase from pre to post assessment.

The Bystander Intervention Training Package – Content + Training

We provide you with expert content and training to optimize your impact.

The Bystander Strengths Program

Curriculum Content

  • Improves experience for both facilitators and participants
  • Designed using Bandura’s theories to target the points of greatest leverage for shaping behavior
  • Designed to adapt to any audience because of participant-centered structure
  • Avoids the common errors that cause student resistance on these sensitive topics
  • Have a program that is firmly grounded in theory and research that actually engages both male and female students

Facilitator Training

  • Customized to your needs and requests
  • Enhance the facilitator’s experience
  • Build skills for engaging men – advanced training on How to Speak to College Men about Sexual Misconduct & Dating Violence
  • Advanced concepts and skills for facilitating bystander intervention training
  • Live training allows for in-depth coverage of the most common challenges a facilitator will face
  • Host a training and share the cost with regional campuses to optimize resources

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