Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell is a researcher/educator whose areas of expertise include emotional maltreatment, domestic violence, and the threats of harm to children living in homes where violence is known to occur.

Andrew provides education to law enforcement officers, attorneys, judges, medical professionals, social service providers, child protective services staff, school counselors, and education staff relating to domestically violent homes and the physical and emotional threats of harm these environments pose to children.

Notable Publications: 

  • Characteristics of Intimate Partner Violence incidents and the environments in which they occur: Victim reports to responding law enforcement officers. Campbell, A.M., Hicks, R., Thompson, S., & Wiehe, S. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, April 20, 2017
  • “The Emotional Maltreatment of Children in Domestically Violent Homes: Identifying Gaps in Education and Addressing Common Misconceptions”. Campbell A.M., Thompson SL. International Journal of Child Abuse & Neglect. Oct. 2015.
  • “More than Words: The Emotional Maltreatment of Children”. Campbell AM, Hibbard RA. Pediatric Clinics of North America. Sept. 2014.

Recent & Upcoming Presentations:

  • Children’s National Health System (Washington D.C.) – Hospital Grand Rounds on DV/Child Maltreatment
  • Indiana Children’s Justice Act Conference – Domestically Violent Homes: The Threat of Harm to Children
  • National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence (San Francisco, CA)
  • National Title IV-E Roundtable Conference (Arizona State University)
  • Annual Department of Child Services Local Office Director Conference – Domestic Violence Expert Panel
  • Child Abuse Summit 2017 – Selected to educate Physicians, Social Workers, Law Enforcement, Court Systems
  • International Crimes Against Children Conference (Dallas, TX)

Andrew’s recent publication in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence includes his analysis of nearly 10,000 first responder reports from the scene of domestically violent incidents. This study is the largest study of its kind ever published to date in academic literature.

Andrew uses this knowledge to work closely with various victim serving agencies to encourage a data driven, multi-disciplinary response to these incidents, particularly when children are involved.

Andrew is currently working to develop a standardized response for first responders to the scene of a domestically violent incident involving children. He is also working with various city and state agencies to develop “predictive mapping” of violent events to identify where in the city they are most likely to occur next. This program will help to better ensure the proper allocation of available city/state victim and responder resources.

We are proud to have Andrew as part of the Prevention Culture team. Andrew was a finalist for the 2016 Indianapolis Business Journal’s “Heroes in Healthcare” for Community Achievement in Health Care, and he serves on several multi-disciplinary fatality review and violence prevention committees/boards.

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