Abbe Erle, M.Ed.

Abbe Erle

Abbe Erle is an award-winning standards and accountability professional who brings both breadth and depth of knowledge to her work as a consultant. We are proud to have Abbe serving as a consultant on projects helping national organizations enhance and update their standards and accountability processes.

The three-part approach includes:

  1. Consulting with organizations on their current processes and challenges
  2. Updating systems with new processes and tools to better equip collegiate members, staff, and volunteers
  3. Solutions that include proactive components to reduce conflict and negative behavior, as well as educational and developmental consequences

Brief Summary:

  • ASCA’s State Coordinator of the Year – Massachusetts
  • Testified in front of the Massachusetts state legislature to advocate for protecting the integrity and educational nature of the student conduct process
  • Co-Chair of Task Force on Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Created research-based, peer-taught, non-judgmental educational consequence on marijuana use
  • Experience in dealing with student misconduct across the spectrum of behavior, and responding to reports of sexual misconduct, abusive relationships, and stalking with a trauma-informed approach
  • Selectively integrated restorative justice concepts and components into developmental consequences

Abbe completed her undergraduate degrees in Math and Sociology at Wheaton College in MA, and earned her Master’s in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Merrimack College.

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