Aaron Boe, M.S.Ed.

Aaron Boe

Aaron Boe is the founder of Prevention Culture and the developer of award-winning prevention programs designed to prevent sexual misconduct and abuse in relationships.

Aaron is the author of the newly released book, In a Relationship, now available on Amazon.

Originally inspired by a victim/survivor close to him, he set out to find an innovative, research and theory-based approach that would connect with men as well as women and influence behavior in meaningful ways.

He combines insights from social psychology and moral psychology with subject matter expertise and his own experience as a fraternity man and athlete to design effective proactive educational programs.

Aaron’s educational trainings, workshops, and curriculum have received praise from students, non-profit organization staff, Higher Ed administrators, and alumni.

Brief Summary:

  • Developer of award-winning proactive prevention programs
  • Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence in Higher Education for the ACPA – co-authored guidance on Prevention Education
  • Consultant to over a dozen national organizations
  • Higher Education Risk Management Certified (HERM-C)
  • Frequent speaker and presenter to professional staff and students at national conferences on Title IX, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Athletics, Sexual Assault Prevention, and Student Conduct
  • Speaker and trainer for audiences of all levels, from middle school students to veteran Higher Ed administrators, counselors, and alumni volunteers
  • 20 years of experience in developing training and prevention programs to impact culture and develop young people, including peer abuse/bullying, leadership development, and peer mentoring, in addition to sexual misconduct prevention and healthy relationships education
  • Fraternity man and former athlete
  • Married for eleven years and dad of five