Aaron Boe, M.S.Ed.

Aaron Boe

Aaron Boe is the founder of Prevention Culture and the developer of award-winning prevention programs designed to prevent sexual misconduct and abuse in relationships of all kinds.

He is the author of the award-winning book In a Relationship: Avoid the Worst & Experience the Best in Your Social Life & Relationships, written to provide individuals and parents with expert knowledge in plain language. Aaron has been a pioneer in sexual assault, harassment, and abusive behaviors prevention by combining an Applied Social Sciences approach with innovative training & development principles to design experiences that optimize influence on behavior and provide positive, developmental experiences for those receiving training.

Aaron is the creator of Prevention Culture’s Complete Strength™ System for athletes and sports organizations, and the Culture Strength™ System for businesses and organizations.

He is the developer of Prevention Culture’s Behavior Chains Method of tailoring training and curriculum for the unique industry, organization, and roles, combining a system of analysis and applied social sciences and training principles to optimize the influence on behavior and culture.

First a professional in training and development, he spent over a decade studying the issues of non-stranger sexual assault, abusive behaviors, and behavior-related theories of social science before developing the now award-winning solutions and starting Prevention Culture in 2014.

He still provides speaking programs and training when available and enjoys collaborating with organizational leaders to design complete tailored solutions for their organization or institution.

Because of the harm caused to a victim/survivor close to him, Aaron believes the stakes are too high for complacency in either design or delivery, and he operates Prevention Culture with a focus of equal parts intensity and creativity. Intensity is about the need to draw from every science that can provide insight, and creativity because programs and training systems must be well-received and sustainable to realistically elevate a culture.

Aaron is married to his wife of twelve years, Lauren, and is a dad of five. He has performed standup comedy, is skilled at drawing and painting, and has coached youth basketball and baseball.

“Nobody needs us to provide basic awareness on these issues or to explain their policies, but for those who want to optimize their approach to preventing harm, we have solutions that are two-decades in the making.”

Aaron Boe, founder of Prevention Culture