Aaron Boe, M.S.Ed.

Aaron Boe

Aaron Boe is founder of Culture Strength and the lead trainer and program developer. Aaron is the developer of award-winning prevention programs designed to prevent sexual misconduct and abusive behaviors while also developing people for positive lives.

He is the award-winning author of In a Relationship: Avoid the Worst & Experience the Best in Your Social Life & Relationships, written to provide individuals and parents with expert knowledge in plain language.

Aaron has been a pioneer in sexual assault, sexual harassment, and abusive behaviors prevention by taking an applied social sciences approach to optimizing influence on behavior and designing training that is well-received by diverse audiences.

He spent over a decade studying the research in academic journals and reading everything he could find on these complex issues before giving his first speech or training program.

Aaron is the creator of Culture Strength’s Complete Strength™ System, designed to help athletics departments and sports organizations prevent harm and prepare athletes for positive lives, and the Culture Strength™ System for businesses and organizations.

Because of the experience of a victim/survivor close to him, Aaron believes the stakes are too high for complacency or piecemeal approaches on these critical issues. He believes in helping organizations by strengthening and completing their approach to preventing and reducing harmful behavior of all kinds.

Aaron has performed standup comedy and coached youth basketball and baseball. He is married to his wife of twelve years, Lauren, and is a dad of five.


Contact us now to inquire about Aaron’s availability to speak or provide training for you. info@culturestrength.com