The Prevention Culture Story

Prevention Culture was founded to provide institutions & organizations with the expert training and curriculum they need to prevent harm before it occurs.


Originally motivated by the experience of a survivor close to him, Aaron Boe set out to understand what would actually work to prevent harm before it occurs. By applying theories from social psychology and findings from the research literature, he designed programs that target the points of greatest leverage for prosocial behavioral outcomes.

Our areas of expertise lie in four key areas:

  • Comprehensive programs that are grounded in research, yet engaging and transformative for stakeholders at multiple levels. This critical combination of proper design and efficacy is necessary for the sustainability required for a true culture change within an organization or campus.
  • Customized Bystander Intervention Training that is targeted for the specific audience and designed to optimize the likelihood of effective intervention.
  • Engaging and equipping the Fraternity and Sorority community to utilize their power for change.
  • Building capacity‚ÄĒproviding customized training for staff, student leaders and peer educators to optimize their educational impact on others.

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New projects for 2016 include expanded services for reaching student-athletes, as well as curriculum and training on mental health for the fraternity and sorority community developed by Dr. Brian J. Mistler.

Contact us today at to discuss individual training dates or comprehensive programs that are customized for your organization or institution.