Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training & Consulting – The Complete Approach

There is too much at stake to have to rely on piecemeal approaches to prevent sexual misconduct and other unethical behavior in your organization or school.

Most people care about the issue of sexual assault and misconduct but are unsure of what more to do to prevent it.

We developed a complete system of training and expert guidance so you can have peace of mind from knowing you have the strongest system in place to prevent harm to people and your organization.

“There is no one better at talking to men about sexual assault prevention than Aaron Boe. He is real, he is engaging, and his approach is grounded in science.”

Dr. Gentry McCreary, CEO of Dyad Strategies and Affiliate Consultant with the NCHERM Group

Based on the science of decision-making and behavior change
Here’s What You Get:

  • On-Site Training that is Tailored for Each Level and Group in Your Organization or Institution
  • Prevent and Reduce Life-Altering Harm and Other Bad Behavior from Occurring in the First Place
  • Better Protection for Your People and Reputation
  • Award-Winning Workshops that are Proven to Connect with Both Men and Women – We’ve Already Helped Over 100,000 People
  • Designed to Naturally Incorporate Other Ethics & Culture Issues that Will Help Your Business or Community
  • An Approach You Can Be Proud of and that Your People Will Like and Appreciate

This is not the area to just keep hoping nothing serious happens. Now you can revolutionize your approach to compliance by gaining true buy-in, shifting paradigms to elevate behavior, and developing your people and culture at the same time.

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We understand.

At Culture Strength we know you care about your people and community, and that the issues of sexual assault, harassment, and other misconduct and mistreatment are confusing. To make the problem worse, it doesn’t take extreme behavior to cause serious harm to people in your organization or community.

The human costs of sexual assault, sexual harassment in the workplace, abusive relationships, and domestic violence are staggering and impossible to calculate. Savvy business leaders and community leaders also understand it is not only the right thing to do to have a stronger proactive approach to prevention, it also reduces tremendous drains on valuable resources.

That’s why we developed a complete system of training and guidance that combines subject matter expertise with the science of decision-making and behavior change. Our training and consulting has resulted in award-winning programs, with people from the executive level to the student level saying they like and greatly appreciate our unique approach.

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No organization is immune because organizations are made up of people.

In a world in which one text message can start a ripple effect throughout a team or an entire company, we believe you deserve the peace of mind of knowing you have the strongest system in place.

We understand the complexity of these issues, and we know it is not realistic for an internal professional to have the time and expertise to develop a complete system of training that is optimized to influence behavior and elevate your culture.

Policy-based education has been going on for decades, and it is fine to check the box. But now you can have experts on your side who also care about your people and your community.

Human behavior is not simple.

Unfortunately, these issues are too complicated for simple solutions.

It takes a sophisticated approach to proactively influence behavior and decision-making and realistically elevate culture. Simple solutions have proven themselves to be insufficient.

People are “aware” these issues exist, but misconceptions, confusion, and even resistance and defensiveness remain in place for far too many people.

We can help. Our approach has been proven to connect with even the most hard-to-reach audiences and is designed by experts who know how to tailor training for each level and audience type.

Let us help you.

We can tailor an approach for your organization and budget. And the strongest, most comprehensive proactive approach is always less costly than the legal, human, reputational, and indirect financial costs after the harm has already been caused.

It’s a simple process for you:

  1. We talk with you to learn about your current situation and draw up a game plan.
  2. We provide tailored training and guidance for you.
  3. We remain available as an ongoing partner with you, either for the next phase of helping your organization, or for providing on-call guidance when needed.

Stop wondering if you’re doing enough. Whatever the size of your organization, we can tailor a proactive, complete approach for you.

Our services range from speaking engagements by founder Aaron Boe to multi-level tailored training systems to analyzing your onboarding and current training and writing new materials for you at every level. Train-the-trainer and other capacity building options are available. Give us a call. We can help.

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