Expert curriculum and training to prevent sexual misconduct, abusive behaviors, and other interpersonal harm.

“There is no one better at talking to men about sexual violence prevention than Aaron Boe. He is real, he is engaging, and his approach is grounded in science.”

Dr. Gentry McCreary, Affiliate Consultant with the NCHERM Group and CEO of Dyad Strategies

Prevention Culture is Known for –

Applying Science for Real-World Results – We take science from academia and put it where it belongs, applying it to make an impact on the most serious social issues of our time.

Every component of our curriculum and training is grounded in theory and research, yet also designed with creativity and tailored for each audience and project.

Prevention + Development – Our approach is exponentially more effective because it also accomplishes positive goals while reducing and preventing serious harm.

Training and Curriculum to Address Critical Social Issues:

  • Sexual Misconduct & Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Sexual Harassment & Workplace Culture Development
  • Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and other Abusive Relationships
  • Child Maltreatment and Abuse
  • Cyberbullying, Bullying, Hazing, Sexual Harassment in K-12 Schools

We Help: Higher Education Administrators, Corporations and Small Businesses, Law Enforcement Officers, Child Welfare Case Workers, K-12 Schools, Domestic Violence Prevention Advocates, Pediatricians, School Psychologists and Administrators, Attorneys, Athletics Staff and Coaches, Student Leaders on Campuses, Fraternal Organizations, Prevention Non-Profits and State Agencies, and Faith-Based Organizations

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“While we contracted Aaron to advance our sexual misconduct prevention strategies, his work has positively impacted our prevention work across a much wider spectrum of areas than we ever first envisioned.”

Fred Dobry, Director of Health & Safety, Sigma Nu Fraternity Inc. (September, 2017)